Revin is a tool for alternative investments in a simplified way for both individuals and companies. I was responsible for the development of the application Frontend.

ReactJS Typescript


As a fan and for study purposes, I decided to create an UI inspired on the PlayStation 5 interface with ReactJS.

ReactJS Typescript

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React Site and Mobile App to help people to Meditate. Meditana is a software to help with time and sounds in meditation sessions.

ReactJS React Native Styled-components Firebase ESLint XP Kanban

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Life to Remind

Rails website to help students to create career plans. Life to Remind (LTR) was my first big project developed by my own.

Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Travis Heroku Capybara RSpec XP Kanban

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Onde é UnB

Responsive Website to locate buildings, rooms, departments and points inside Universidade de Brasília. It was my first project working with a big group of people with development and team management.

Ruby on Rails Javascript PostgreSQL Codeclimate Vagrant Circle CI Heroku RSpec Scrum XP Kanban

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